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Our World Network Inc is based in Vancouver, British Columbia and markets its products all over Canada and United States of America. They market their products with simple and catchy names like ‘Skinnees’ and ‘Sleepees’ but the company itself says that do not be fooled by their catchy names but see the results they provide to believe their words. Our World Network’s two latest products, YouthJuice and YouthJuice Restore are one of the most potent functional foods available in world market today and are super bio-beverages which are developed after years of research by this privately owned independent company.
The research for developing Youthjuice and YouthJuice Restore took four years with the help of reputed names from University of British Columbia and the research was funded by Canadian Government Research and development Grant. Each twenty five pounce of Youthjuice or YouthJuice bottle contains benefits extracted from seven pounds of seven most potent types of Berries and Sea vegetables. Robert Edwards, Co-Founder and President of Our World Network says that four years of extensive research and forty years of combined science has gone in to develop and produce YouthJuice and Youthjuice Restore to ensure that it has all that is required for maximum wellness and richer quality of life.
The company with such potent products can easily go for retailing their products but the management of Our World Network thinks otherwise and works not only towards enhancement of personal health but also individual wealth and through their compensation plan, rewards program, car program, holiday incentives and much more, they today have a very vast network of direct marketing professionals who are not only deriving the benefits of these highly potent and beneficial nutritional products but also gaining wealth by marketing these products thereby, gaining financial freedom as well and leading a healthy and wealthy life.
Thus, it can be seen that Our World Network is working towards providing people with healthy lifestyle as well as financial freedom through their powerful products and flexible network marketing model. It is not a secret anymore that people are not able to get as much nutrition as required by the body in today’s world because of hectic lifestyle, too much of stress professionally and personally and the rising trend of fast food products. All these factors collectively has decreased the immune power of today’s generation and has also added innumerable health problems from very early age, thus, deteriorating human health and lifestyle overall. Our World Network Inc, through their nutrition packed potent products like Youthjuice and Youthjuice Restore are trying to change the current trends and providing people with a healthy product which is not only nutritionally rich but also amazing at taste as well.




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numerous conventional mattresses have become “chemical mattresses.” The increase of the use of chemical fire-retardants in many conventional inner-spring mattresses is a outcome of compliance with the new government open-flame mattresses measures. Mattresses should now be adept to oppose an open-flame directed exactly to the peak and side for 70 seconds mattress. assess Strobel, controller the persons For Clean Beds organization, states “that treating these mattresses to pass the blowtorch, open-flame test would need that mattresses be treated with renowned acutely toxic and cancer-causing chemicals-particularly boric acid, furthermore known as roach murdered, as well as antimony, which is a heavy metal nearly equal to arsenic.”

Antimony has been ostracised as a fire-retardant in Europe where research has shown that it leaches through the vinyl on crib mattresses, and connected this to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Crib and youth mattresses should also be flameproof under the new government standards. regrettably, the chemical fire-retardants widely utilised prior to the new measures were often PBDEs before they were lately ostracised. PBDEs have been also ostracised in Europe were study has shown they bioaccumulate in the body, in women’s breast milk, and have been linked to cancerous disease. PDBEs are utilised because they are the simplest and cheapest way to conform to joined States mattress fire resistance codes and have been used extensively as a fire-retardant in petroleum-based foam mattresses, including youth and crib mattresses.